Edouard Trebaol

 Why hello! My name is Edouard Trebaol… quite the mouthful huh? You can just call me E.T. My siblings and I were named after the actors from the silent film adaptation of Charles Dicken’s Oliver Twist filmed in 1922. Oliver Twist is the story of an orphan trying to find kindness in the world but being caught up in the big bad streets of London in the 1800’s. Edouard Trebaol was the child actor cast to play The Artful Dodger. He is by far my favorite character from the story. He’s a young street urchin who befriends Oliver Twist when he arrives in London on the run. He’s a sly, fun and cunning fellow who’s only real crime in life was being born poor in an urban area. That’s sort of just like me! I’m a 2-year-old ginger tabby who’s fun-loving and sweet and dying for a best friend! I was born in Pueblo, CO to a poor family who couldn’t care for me and now I’ve found myself in this rescue that promises to help me find a real furever home! Just like The Artful Dodger and Oliver Twist my siblings and I just need a chance at a family for each of us to call our own! The rescue got me neutered, microchipped and current on my vaccines so I’m ready to go home right meow! 




It was a freak blizzard in the first week of October that caught me as a brand-new kitten out in the worst of the elements. When a volunteer found me huddled in an abandoned car in a storage yard, I was already nearly frozen. My pulse and respiration were almost non-existent due to the intense cold. I was brought into the rescue still in the process of defrosting and they weren't sure if I had a chance of survival... but survive I did! And so, they named me Chance! Now because of pure luck in combination with the kindness of cat lovers I am alive and fully recovered despite my rough start in life. The rescue got me all my vaccines, spayed and microchipped so I’m ready for one of these furever homes I keep hearing so much about.  They sure sound nice! They tell me a pretty little Calico-Tortie mix like me will find one in no time… It’s a cold world and I don’t ever wanna be left out in it again. Won’t you give me a chance to be YOUR Chance!?




I think I look like a panther with my shiny black fur and shimmering green eyes. What do you think?

I'm a one-year old female and nobody really knows where I came from! All we do know is that I’m super sweet and just the most affectionate kitty girl you ever met! Once upon a lifetime ago I bet I was somebody’s favorite pet! But now some nice people from this rescue said they could help me find a new furever home just for me! The vet says I am healthy, up to date on my vaccinations, chipped and spayed (ouch!). 

I'm a laid-back lady that would love nothing more than to lay on the sofa with you. I'm also good with other cats and I’m very gentle with kids. If you're looking for a dark mysterious yet absolutely purrfect kitty, then I'm the one you've been searching for!


Kitty Cat

Pueblo Petsmart

 Hey there! You can just call me Kitty Cat! I wish they had spelled it with a K, ya know… Kitty Kat… cause then you could just call me KK! But alas, a kitty does not decide her name. I’m a 6-year-old Tuxedo Kitty. Which means I’m always dressed to impress 😉 Even when times are tough… like the time I got dumped by some meanie behind an old apartment complex! Lucky for me a nice gentleman saw it happen and saved me! He took me to the vet and made sure I was healthy then he found a rescue in Pueblo that would help me find a new home. I can’t wait to get one! I’m a pretty chill kitty and a big lover. I don’t mind other cats unless they’re really big. I’ve never met a dog but since big cats scare me, I’d imagine a big dog would too. I’m litter box trained, and I love dry and wet cat food. I’m all up to date on my shots, I’ve been microchipped and spayed. Wont you take me home today!? 




Life started a little rough for my siblings and me. We were born to a momma who disappeared one day when we were very tiny and never made it back to us. We cried and cried for her until finally someone heard us and took us in. They were very nice people, but it was too crowded in their home so once we were big enough, we were placed with this rescue so that we could find our very own homes.

I wonder if your home wouldn’t be the perfect home for a sweet kitty like me… I just can’t wait to have humans to call my own in a real life furever home! 



Lakewood Petsmart

  Well hello… I’m Hobbs. I’m about half a year old and I’m what is known as a Ginger Tabby. My dad is a big ol’ brown tabby, maybe you know him? Hugo? He’s in a Petsmart to be adopted too but we’re not bonded or anything. I’m usually pretty shy at first, probably cause I’m so young. But my fosters say that once I warm up, I’m a lovebug… funny, I thought I was a cat! I don’t care for dogs much, they’re just too big for my taste. But I can handle other cats as long as we get well introduced. My fosters say the best thing about me was I’m not much of a “talker”, but I sure do have a “motor” once you get me going. Won’t you take me home and let me show you how purrrfect I can be!?


Little Black Girl

I am a black female domestic long-haired cat, and that’s how I got my name, Little Black Girl! I came to AWR Cat Tails Rescue with my siblings, Patches, Sam, and Scarecrow.  Out of us four, I am the only girl! Our mother was a feral cat that knew she needed help taking care of us. One cold and wet winter day back in 2011 our mom went to find some caring people to help us. She found our human mom, led her to a soggy cardboard box where we were all hiding under. We were so tiny, cold, and wet that our mom let the nice lady pick us up. After this day our mom was never seen again. We were very sick and had diarrhea and were very malnourished. Our human mom can no longer take care of us because she has terminal brain cancer and doesn’t have much more time to live. She made sure that we would be taken care of for the rest of our lives, so a good friend of hers brought us to the rescue! I am spayed and am current on all my shots! We have never been around kids, so I am not sure how I would do around them. I think I would like to be in a quiet home where I can give and receive all the love in the world! It also would be awesome if me and one of my brothers could go to the same furever home! I really am going to miss my Human mom, but I am excited to be able to find a new furever home 



  Do you like ice cream? Well I am just as sweet as my name implies. Life didn’t start out sweet for me and my siblings. Our momma went missing one day when we were still very tiny. 

Some nice people took care of us until we were big enough to come to this rescue and find our furever home. These wonderful rescue people told me that there could be a family looking for a kitty just like me!
I love adventures and running fast almost as much as playtime and cuddling. I'm just a tiny little sweetheart who wants you to love me as much as you love ice cream sundaes!


Itsy Bitsy

Hi, I’m just a little squirt, so they called me Itsy Bitsy. I was born in April, 2018, and I’m a Polydactyl cat. That makes me quite unique. Let me share some facts with you about that. It’s a genetic trait that means a kitty like me can have more than the standard number of toes on their feet! When cats rode on ships, the ones with multiple toes were held to be good luck, maybe because they could mouse so well and hang onto those ropes and slippery boards better. And polys are also nicknamed “Hemingway Cats” because he liked them so much and had a number of them.

Here’s what you need to know about this little miss: I love to play in the cat tree and boxes! And I’m okay with either quiet or noise so that makes me pretty adaptable. I like to cuddle with other kittens and sitting in a windowsill is the cat’s pajamas! I hope you will have a nice sunny one available for me when you take me home. You ARE taking me home, right? Meow, meow!




My name is Missy and I am a 6-month-old kitten with short black fur. I think I look like a panther with the heart of a lion.

My human’s wife passed away. Then he fell and broke his hip. He was so sad that he decided to move closer to family. But he was even sadder that he can't take me or my brother with him. The rescue promised him that they would take care of me and find the perfect furever home here in Colorado.

I'm a little shy at first but if you start to pet me I'll warm up to you and turn on the purr machine. I do well with other cats and dogs (yes, even dogs!!!) I am not a picky eater, I like both dry and canned food. I have a lot of kitten left in me and would love to be the (panther) kitty in your home.




Hi, I'm Dakota.

Don't let my bad eye fool you.  It doesn't bother me one bit and I have so much fun running and playing.  I love people, they are better than Christmas! 

Because of my striped brown coat, I am known as a Brown Tabby. Tabby are often considered to be the biggest lovers in the cat world.

My siblings and I were born in Colorado Springs before the nice rescue lady brought us down to Pueblo. She is helping me to find my furever home. I hope it’s with YOU! Won’t you please choose me?! I promise to love you always and keep you entertained. My favorite plaything is one of those small plastic poles you can buy with a toy hanging from the end! Those are neat! 

The nice rescue lady got me all up to date on my shots and assures me that someone will be able to see past my eye problem… They say love is blind, and in the land of the blind the one-eyed cat is Queen!