Dixie is what they call the “Old South”, now I’m a Colorado girl born and bred but you could say I have a Southern heart. I am a huge lover. I just want to cuddle and give you all the lovins you can handle. My siblings and I were found by a rescue in Colorado Springs as babies and raised at one in Pueblo. This rescue is so nice they’re helping us find furever homes. They got us fixed, microchipped, and up to date on all our vaccines so we’re healthy and ready to go! I just want someone to give this here Heart of Dixie to. Won’t you let me give it to you! 



Special Needs

  I’m a kind and loving sort of regal, all I really need is a royal throne in a castle of my own.

No one is sure how long I fought to survive on the streets but when I was found I was in the "family way". I knew I had to do something quick! So, I did the smart thing and approached a nice lady for help. She took me in and cared for me until I had my babies. Once my babies arrived, she brought us to a rescue where they took me to a kitty doctor who told them I was positive for Feline Leukemia that I must’ve picked it up as a stray. I don’t need special medicine or anything though. They say as long as I’m an indoor kitty with a healthy diet I’ll never experience any trouble. It does mean that I can’t ever be in a home with cats that are negative for FeLv though. But I’d be fine with any humans or dogs or even other positive cats. I wouldn’t mind being the only kitty in your life though… everyone says how beautiful and sweet I am, I know I would be a wonderful companion. 

Won’t you take me to your castle?





My name is Sam! I am a male domestic short-haired cat that is black and white! I am neutered and am current on all my shots! I came to AWR Cat Tails Rescue with my siblings, Little Black Girl, Patches, and Scarecrow. Our mother was a feral cat that knew she needed help taking care of us. One cold and wet winter day back in 2011 our mom went to find some caring people to help us. She found our human mom, led her to a soggy cardboard box where we were all hiding under. We were so tiny, cold, and wet that our mom let the nice lady pick us up. After this day our mom was never seen again. We were very sick and had diarrhea and were very malnourished. Our human mom can no longer take care of us because she has terminal brain cancer and doesn’t have much more time to live. She made sure that we would be taken care of for the rest of our lives, so a good friend of hers brought us to the rescue! My human mom wanted to ensure that we would continue to be taken care of! I have spent my whole life being surrounded by my siblings, so I think it would be really cool if I could continue to spend my life with at least one of them! I am ready to find my new family that is going to be able to give me my furever home! 




I was named after my hometown of Peyton, CO. My siblings and I were born there but something must’ve happened to our momma cause she left one day and never came back. Some really nice people heard us crying for her and took us in. Once we were big enough to find furever homes they sent us to this rescue. 

I really hope I get a home of my own soon! I won’t ask for much… loving arms to hold me, soft hands to pet me, and a warm lap to cuddle on. In return I can offer loyalty, love and years of companionship. Won’t you please pick me!?



 Hey there! They call me Princess, probably cause I’m a beautiful female Flame Point Siamese which may as well be royalty in the cat kingdom! Maybe also because I take the luxury of sleeping all the time! I’m the quiet type who really just likes to love and be loved on. I’m super gentle, I’d probably do well with older kids and other cats would be fine too. I’m not too sure about dogs, I don’t know if I’ve ever met one! I had a litter of two kittens in the summer of 2019 and they both looked just like me! My boy Blueberry had my blue eyes and my daughter was royally beautiful and so we named her Duchess. After they finished nursing my foster mom sent them to this rescue to find them homes and they both were adopted right away! Now that I’m all recovered and I’ve been spayed it’s my turn to find a nice calm, loving furever home of my own. I’m so looking forward to having a family to call mine. Won’t you take me home with you!? 



Pueblo Petsmart


If ever there was a distinguished kitty who could carry the very distinguished name of Beauregard it would be me! I am almost three years old and I’ve been waiting on a new furever home of my own for such a long time! The rescue is super nice to me and always keeps me up to date on my vaccines as well as any other medical needs I have had. I’ve been here since I was just an itty-bitty baby with all my brothers. They’ve all gone on to furever homes of their own and now it’s my turn! I am loving and free spirited in the best way. I adore being held and look forward to the cuddles of my new human! I get along great with people and cats alike, I haven’t encountered any dogs or children in my three years so I’m not too sure how I feel about them. But just like any other adoption from the rescue we have two weeks to make sure I’m a purrfect fit for you and your family. 

Take me home today and let’s find out!