Lakewood Petsmart


Morris is 3 years old. His foster received him from a lady who lives in an apartment in Tulsa,OK. She had him since he was a kitten but she lost her job and said she just can't afford him anymore.

Morris took just one day to decide that he liked his new foster. At first, he was nervous, he has been with the other lady since he was a kitten, so she and her home are all he had known. His foster described him as quiet, gentle, and very affectionate. He followed her about when she would be cleaning and very much enjoyed her attention.

Morris was in a quiet home.  His foster was quiet too so I am not sure how he would be with a lot of noise.  He eats hard and soft food, no problem. And he’s well litter-box trained!  Whoever adopts him will get a treasure, but has to be careful, he can get a little under-foot simply because he wants so much to be loved.

For a home who would love to have a sweet and gentle cat Morris is the one!


Tony the Tiger

Pueblo Petsmart


"Tony the Tiger was my foster and I adored him. I brought him in as a stray 6 -7 months ago when he was limping & had difficulty w/ walking/ jumping.

He had a bad bite on his leg. He was very good w/ the Vet & received IM antibiotics. I kept him inside for about 2 weeks. When we began feeling better & was more mobile, my feral cat (that I rescued out of a dog’s jaws when she was a baby) became very jealous of Tony. She chased him around the house anytime she saw him. He is litter trained & would sleep at the foot of my bed at night & on my husband’s lap while he was watching tv. He grazes on dry food but loves shredded cat food w/ gravy. 

Tony is calm & cool - not a fighter. I was worried about his safety outside, but he had become frightened inside. He is now an inside cat.

Tony is my all-time favorite stray cat. I love waking up in the morning & seeing Tony stretching outside in the sun. But I will be moving & the outside cats disappear one by one. Tony is a great cat & deserves a safe home.

Tony was born around June of 2017. He was neutered 11.5.17 w/ vaccinations. He is scheduled to go to the Vet on 1.29.2020 for vaccinations & Feline Leukemia screen." 

He’s also microchipped and ready to go home today cause he’s GREAT! 



Pueblo Petsmart

 My sister and I were born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in March of 2019 in a foster home of a nice man that took in our momma when she was pregnant. So, we were fortunate to be born in a warm room unlike most stray kitties. Our fosters have been pretty good to us; teaching us all about litter boxes and cat food and even toys! We got sent to Colorado to find furever homes to call our own. The rescue people are nice, but I can’t wait to get back into a warm room again with laps and ear rubs. I’ve been a blessed boy so far and I just hope my luck keeps up. I prefer the quiet and I’ve never really dealt with kids or dogs. I’m definitely the more reserved of my siblings but when the mood to play strikes I’m all in! I prefer petting to being picked up. I don’t care much to be carried. But if you’re looking for a self-sufficient chill kitty, I’m the boy for you!



 My name is Taffy and I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma. My brother Toffee and I were born in April to a pretty Calico kitty with big blue eyes just like mine. Momma found a furever home in Oklahoma and I’m awful happy for her even though I miss her a lot. Toffee and I had to come all the way to Colorado to find this rescue who could help us find furever homes of our own. I’m a lot more shy than Toffee, he was always the social one, but I’m just as much of a lover. I like other cats well enough, but I’d be just fine on my own. Not too sure about dogs or kids yet, I’ve never met any. With some patience and a little love and affection I could be a special kitty for someone with a big heart and comfy lap. I’d bet your lap is just right!



Pueblo Petsmart


I’m Lily, a four-year-old kitty from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I came to Colorado a year ago in hopes of finding a furever home of my very own. I’ve lived in shelters and fosters my whole life, but I’ve always wanted a family to call mine. I am very curious by nature and am the independent type. I can be very affectionate at times and usually do well with dogs and children. I am up to date on all my shots and I’ve been fixed and microchipped. The vet says I am healthy and ready for a new start. Can it be with you!?


Sweet Baby Blue


Hi, I’m Blue and I’m ready to find my furever home!!! I love meeting new people and being loved. I was running around by myself near a lake. A lady who lives in what is called an RV took me in. She also took in 2 kittens from my colony. Between her husband and all the other cats it is too crowded so they both felt it best to send me to find a furever home. I did not get along with a few of the cats, but I do with the two kittens. I am such a sweet and loving cat. I know that I will make a wonderful addition to any family. She cried when she left me at this lady's house, but knows it is for the best. So, then I went on a plane and now I am here waiting for my furever home. I am hoping it is you!




Hi, my name is Heather. My Foster Mom in Oklahoma said that is the prettiest name and she wanted to give it to me. She also had me declawed which means I can’t ever be an outside cat because I’m defenseless. However, I am healthy and ready to go to a loving furever family. I am called a Tuxedo Kitty because of my black and white markings. In my photo my foster mom had to hold me still to get a good picture. I just wanted to play! I've been declawed so I have no natural defenses and must always be an indoor cat. It also makes me a bit skiddish with other animals.

The people I used to live with left me in a parking lot locked in my carrier.  It was almost 100 degrees that day. I was so hot and frightened, but a nice lady took me indoors and I felt better almost right away since it was not hot in there. I’ve encountered a lot of not nice people so when I go somewhere new it takes me a few days to know I am safe.  Once I adjust though I love attention and being petted.

So now this rescuer has sent me here to find a family of my own. Could you maybe be my new furever home?




Hi, our names are Hunter and Babygirl and everyone says that we are sooos sweet! We are both orange tabby cats, born in March of 2013. We're current on shots and fixed. We were rescued with our brother, Romeo. He has found his furever home and we're so happy for him! Our old owner was moving and couldn’t take us with him. We are super excited to have this chance to find furever homes here in Colorado! We have been eating Purina Cat Chow and Friskies canned food, as well as getting some yummy treats! It took us about a week to open up to everyone, and we still need some more work in order to be huge people lovers. We dont like dogs, but good around other cats. Please take us home and love us!

p.s. My sister Babygirl has been adopted! I hope I'm next!


Diana Diana

I was born in Oklahoma in April of 2018 to a feral outdoor mama cat. At first, I was really shy until all my siblings got adopted. Then I really came out of my shell and now I’m fearless! I adore people, especially ones I can climb on, and I purr loudly the whole time.  People-toes are for pouncing on, and fingers for nuzzling, licking, and nibbling.  I snuggle with other friendly cats and am well-socialized with two big friendly dogs who followed me around my foster home licking me.  On car rides I love to look out the window and I have the potential to be an excellent adventure cat. The nice folks in Oklahoma didn’t want to see me be put down so they asked the nice people at AWR Cat Tails Rescue nicely if they could find a nice home for me. They couldn’t say no to my precious face and I hope you can’t either! I’ve been spayed and am current on all my shots.




Hello there! My name is Ariel and I’m a cute little Calico from Tulsa, OK. I was fixed through the TNR program there, so that’s why my ear is tipped. I’m over five years old but I’m just barely over 6lbs! I may be tiny, but I have a BIG personality. I love ear rubs and attention. And just like Ariel from the movies I’m very vocal! I like to talk to you while I get my loving! My foster used to love that about me.

I feel like quite the lucky girl, not only did I have a super sweet foster back in Oklahoma but now I’m here in Colorado with the chance at a furever home of my very own! I’m all current on my vaccinations and I’ve been microchipped. Won’t you take me home with you today!?