Special Needs


I’m a kind and loving sort of regal, all I really need is a royal throne in a castle of my own.

No one is sure how long I fought to survive on the streets but when I was found I was in the "family way". I knew I had to do something quick! So, I did the smart thing and approached a nice lady for help. She took me in and cared for me until I had my babies. Once my babies arrived, she brought us to a rescue where they took me to a kitty doctor who told them I was positive for Feline Leukemia that I must’ve picked it up as a stray. I don’t need special medicine or anything though. They say as long as I’m an indoor kitty with a healthy diet I’ll never experience any trouble. It does mean that I can’t ever be in a home with cats that are negative for FeLv though. But I’d be fine with any humans or dogs or even other positive cats. I wouldn’t mind being the only kitty in your life though… everyone says how beautiful and sweet I am, I know I would be a wonderful companion. 

Won’t you take me to your castle?



Special Needs

Yeah, my photo looks like I’m a little rattled.  That was truly the case when I was delivered to the cat rescue.  Let me explain:  A big, gruff and very annoyed man had hauled me into the rescue with a bunch of other kitties from my ‘hood.  “This is getting out of hand!” he practically yelled.  “I can’t do the whole neighborhood!” he sputtered.  “Too many cats!” he yelped as he stomped out the door.  But he wasn’t fooling any of us.  Deep in that fuming thundercloud figure was a heart the size of a watermelon.  If he hadn’t cared for us, we’d have ended up in a pillowcase meeting a very sad fate!  He loved us all enough to make sure we would have at least a chance of a real home full of rooms to explore and cuddles and yummy food, be it wet or dry.  There would be a soft padded kitty bed instead of a cardboard box, and a bowl with my name on it.  That’s why I’m called Elsa now.  I’m a queen of a kitty, and I just know you’ll be there catering to my every kitty need with worshipful adoration.  I deserve the best, and I think that’s you!



Special Needs


 I'm just like the song 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves' and I am looking for my new home like a gypsy, tramped up here from Odessa, Texas and plan on stealing hearts like a thief.

 I'm a pretty, feminine kitty with soft, diluted tortoiseshell markings. If you're looking for a wise, independent cat and you're after some company without the neediness then....I am the one for you.

I was born in May 2018 to a stray mama kitty. A nice rescue lady cared for us and now she has sent me here to find my perfect furever family. I am up to date on my vaccinations, but I am FeLV positive. FeLV is Feline Leukemia which is a virus that weakens our immune system and makes it easier to get sick. But that if I am always an indoor kitty, on a healthy diet and with proper care I will live a normal life. I can be around dogs and other cats with FeLV and humans can't catch it. 



Special Needs


Hey there! I’m Jet and I was born in Odessa, Texas with my two sisters and we were all positive for Feline Leukemia. FeLV means we can only be around other kitties who already have it. But it doesn’t affect people or dogs.  We were found by a nice lady who fostered us until this rescue could help us find furever homes here in Colorado. I’m a big lover and cuddles are my favorite. I also like to play with toys and other fur friends like dogs! Give me a chance and I’ll jet straight to your heart!



Special Needs

Hey you, yeah you! What’s your name? My name is Dos. I know it means the number two. The lady that rescued me from her colony rescued two of us at the same time. So, she named us Uno and Dos. Better than one and two, I think. I am a special needs cat. I have tested positive for FiV, which is feline leukemia. That means that I can only be with other cats that are FiV positive or be the only cat in the household. I am a healthy cat. I love to be petted and loved on. I am super friendly. I can be with dogs but I’m not sure if I get along with them. You see I have never been around them. I would love to find my Furever home. This is my third chance. I belonged to a human, but I don’t know how we got separated. I found a colony here in pueblo where the lady who runs it realized that I was not feral or wild. So she took me to the rescue so I can find a Furever home. Will you be my furever home? I think I deserve my third chance, don’t you?



Special Needs

A chalupa is a fried tortilla with a spicy filling, just like meow! Just check out my white leotard and hypnotic pelt of fur!?  If that doesn't rank me as one of the spicy girls then I just can't imagine what does! I was orphaned as a tiny tyke and found in an industrial area with little hope of a future because of a difficulty seeing through my one hazy eye. Maybe you'll decide to take me home today? Just an idea but it sure seems like a great one cause I get along with everybody!



"Golden Oldie"

 My name is Sam! I am a male domestic short-haired cat that is black and white! I am neutered and am current on all my shots! I came to AWR Cat Tails Rescue with my siblings, Little Black Girl, Patches, and Scarecrow. Our mother was a feral cat that knew she needed help taking care of us. One cold and wet winter day back in 2011 our mom went to find some caring people to help us. She found our human mom, led her to a soggy cardboard box where we were all hiding under. We were so tiny, cold, and wet that our mom let the nice lady pick us up. After this day our mom was never seen again. We were very sick and had diarrhea and were very malnourished. Our human mom can no longer take care of us because she has terminal brain cancer and doesn’t have much more time to live. She made sure that we would be taken care of for the rest of our lives, so a good friend of hers brought us to the rescue! My human mom wanted to ensure that we would continue to be taken care of! I have spent my whole life being surrounded by my siblings, so I think it would be really cool if I could continue to spend my life with at least one of them! I am ready to find my new family that is going to be able to give me my furever home!  



Special Needs: FeLv


If ever there was a kitty with a sad story it’d be me. Back in Odessa, TX my momma was a stray and a sick one at that. She was a beautiful Tortoise Shell just like me, but she didn’t survive long after my siblings and I were born. We were rescued by a nice lady who bottle fed us till we we’re big enough to eat on our own. Then she sent us to this nice Colorado rescue that hoped to find homes for all of us. Unfortunately, once we got here, we learned that I had contracted Feline Leukemia (FeLv). I’ve never been symptomatic and seem to be a pretty healthy girl so far. I did really well with my foster’s dog, and he was a big one! And I have no problem with other cats as long as they’re FeLv positive too. The saddest part is that I can’t be housed in a Petsmart like the negative kitties to wait for adoption, so I’ve spent a whole year in the rescue just patiently waiting for someone to come along who’s willing to love me! I’m a lovely girl who just wants to share my loving with someone! I sure hope you could find it in your heart to let it be you…



"Golden Oldie"

I am a female tabby with a white belly, born in August 2015.

I'm a shy cat but after I get used to you, you’ll find that I love to be held and petted. I’ve been moved around a lot so you can imagine how nervous that makes me, worrying about finding a forever home.

I came to AWR Cat Tails Rescue because my owner’s apartment had a no pet policy. She had also been very sick recently so taking care of me and my friend, Jimmy Girl, had become too hard on her. She tried to do what she could to keep us, but it just wasn’t enough… 

And before that? I had been abandoned at her apartment complex so she took me in and gave me love and care.

I don’t think I would be happy around children. When someone comes into the room I prefer to hide, but I do like to cuddle and be petted, I just need to start it myself. I like to be outside and when I am ready to go out, I usually paw at the door to let someone know. 

I am very ready for my forever home. Are you my human? 



"Golden Oldie" and Special Needs

They say I am a special needs kitty.  But all I hear is the word ‘special’.  Yes, I am special, very much so.  My name is Cleo.  Look how drop-dead, gorgeously beautiful I am.  My emerald eyes.  My thick, luxurious pelt of soft grey fur.  It’s called Russian Blue so there has to be an aristocat in my background somewhere, don’t you think?  It may say Russian but I’m a Pueblo kitty.  I was found when I was a wee babe, stuck between a fence and a shed in March of 2012.  OWWW! That’s what happened to make me a wobbly kitty.  I have to admit I do have neurological issues because of that.  I am good with other cats, but I’m a lover, not a fighter.  I do well with those   feline friends as long as they are as mellow as I am.  Truth be told, I’m quite shy. But you know what they say about those who are shy.  Take the time to get to know them and they are far more interesting than those other silly in-your-face critters. I’ve been at the rescue longer than anybody else.  It’s been a grand home, but I’d really like to have my own person, my own home, my own address. One    befitting a royal kitty like myself. If you think I’d fit into your lovely little home, be a sweet companion, and not require a ton of care, I’m your girl.  If you’ve never had a Russian Blue, maybe now is the time to take one into your heart.  I’m ready.  Are you?



Special Needs


Hi, I'm Dakota.

Don't let my bad eye fool you.  It doesn't bother me one bit and I have so much fun running and playing.  I love people, they are better than Christmas! 

Because of my striped brown coat, I am known as a Brown Tabby. Tabby are often considered to be the biggest lovers in the cat world.

My siblings and I were born in Colorado Springs before the nice rescue lady brought us down to Pueblo. She is helping me to find my furever home. I hope it’s with YOU! Won’t you please choose me?! I promise to love you always and keep you entertained. My favorite plaything is one of those small plastic poles you can buy with a toy hanging from the end! Those are neat! 

The nice rescue lady got me all up to date on my shots and assures me that someone will be able to see past my eye problem… They say love is blind, and in the land of the blind the one-eyed cat is Queen!