Meet Parker....He's the handsomest boy you ever did see. This picture just doesn’t do those gorgeous green eyes justice!

Parker was born in Odessa, Texas in May 2018. He was orphaned when he was very tiny and left on a rescue lady's porch. She bottle-fed him and gave him lots of one on one attention.

 He is quite the lover boy and lives for your affection. He is good around other cats and dogs. He is up to date on his vaccinations, microchipped and neutered. All he needs now is a chance to start his new life in a furever home of his very own. 




I was born to a stray cat momma in May of 2018 with 3 brothers and sisters. Our cat mom disappeared, and we were rescued by a nice lady who fostered us in Odessa, TX until we could be placed with this rescue so we could find our furever homes here in Colorado. I’m a very relaxed kitty who likes nothing more than to sleep and be loved. I’m a little shy with new people but I love dogs. 

I was named after the Pokemon character, wont you give me a chance to use my lovely kiss!? 




Howdy! I'm a Texas kitty looking for my forever home here in Colorado. I was born in Odessa, Texas in May 2018 to a stray mama along with my 3 siblings. I had a rough start in the beginning, I was born very sickly. But I'm a tough kitty and I beat the odds to grow into the strong, healthy and handsome guy that you see before you. I am good with other cats and even dogs. 

I'm seem shy and timid at first but give me time to adjust, get to know you and my new surroundings and I will thrive. I am up to date on my vaccinations and ready to find my new home to start my new life.



The Jurassic 5

 Can you image five little kitties all solid black? Well, that was us! We ended up at a rescue with a nice lady in Midland, Texas. It’s in the middle of a place called ‘the oil field’ and cats and dogs are a dime a dozen there. So many animals are euthanized, leaving cat lovers in the area in despair. So, when the nice lady found out a bunch of us could get on a plane and go to Colorado and find homes, we were the first to raise our little paws and volunteer. She gave us names from the movie Jurassic Park.  

 At 6:00 in the morning, just as a red dawn was breaking over the desert, my pack and 15 other kitties arrived at the airport and got loaded into a little plane and flew all the way to Colorado to a great place called AWR Cat Tails Rescue. 

There were so many little black tails that we had to wear orange name bands so they could tell us apart.

Sadly, our brother Ian didn't make it.

There are four of us left, wouldn't you love to take one of us home???